A recent Masters graduate I am committed to sharing the importance of conserving our planet’s ecosystems for sustainable life on earth.

Fast Fashion: Are we wearing out our planet?

Buy less, choose well, make it last Vivienne westwood Staying on top of the latest trends and fashion is a huge draw for us, especially young people. Casually scrolling Instagram is a modern day past time, full of influencers trying to sell off the latest fast fashion fad and the opportunity to display your bestest, brightest and freshest selves. This has led to the sad reality that 70% teenage girls… Continue reading Fast Fashion: Are we wearing out our planet?

Climate Change: The Facts

Climate change is the greatest threat to life on earth. It has always be seen as something which will happen in the future. However, it is happening now. The baseline climate of our planet is changing, although we may not all experience it day to day. Climate change will cause increased temperatures, floods, wildfires, rising sea levels, species extinction, the consequences are vast and many are unknown. It has been… Continue reading Climate Change: The Facts

UK Waste Plan: What is being done?

Following on from my recent discovery on food waste, I have been looking into what our country is doing for waste in general. Waste is a huge environmental problem. When we ‘throw away’ our waste, there is no such thing as ‘away’. This waste must go somewhere! In our government’s 25 year environment plan they pledged to leave the environment in better condition for future generations. However, it seems all… Continue reading UK Waste Plan: What is being done?

Food for thought on fighting climate change

1/3rd of all food produced is thrown away. I recently listened to Deliciously Ella’s podcast on climate change and food waste. Through a fact based discussion with Tessa Clarke from the food waste app Olio, I was informed of a whole sector of human impact on the environment which I was not fully aware of. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, this is a sector which is severely lacking.… Continue reading Food for thought on fighting climate change


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